How to Install a Keyless Entry Deadbolt

What You'll Need
4 AA batteries
Keyless deadbolt

A keyless entry deadbolt offers a wide range of convenience and safety over traditional deadbolts. Installing one of these locks can be a little tricky as there are wires involved.

Step 1: Remove your Old Deadbolt

Before you can install your keyless entry deadbolt, its predecessor must be removed. To do this, use the screwdriver to pop off the security plate of your current lock. You can then unscrew the securing screws.

Step 2: Install a New Latch and Strike

In the box with your new keyless entry deadbolt, you will find a latch and strike. These are the ones that should be used with your new lock. Install them into the door. Screw the strike in place and then slip the latch into the now vacant hole from the old latch. Secure the new latch with screws.

Step 3: Remove the Battery Pack

You will need to remove the battery pack from your keyless deadbolt. See the package directions as each model may be a little different. Set the battery case aside out of harm’s way.

Step 4: Install Outside Assembly

Put the cylinder into the outside assembly. The key must be in the lock, and the lock must be fully extended. Make sure to rotate the blade so that it lines up with the latch. Feed wire through the bottom portion of the latch. Secure the back assembly to the door. For the inside of the assembly, thread the wires into the center where a notch can be seen. You may have to play with it a little to get it to fit. Just remember not to force it through as you may damage the wiring of your keyless entry deadbolt. Gently guide the wires through until the piece you’re threading it through is even with the door.

Step 5: Mounting Bolts

Hold the plate flush against the door and install the mounting bolts. Tighten these with the screwdriver. Once you have the bolts in place, look at the lock and ensure that it is aligned perfectly. It is also a good idea to test the lock now. Turn the key to see if the lock will open and close properly. If not, you will need to realign the parts as this indicates a problem with the installation of the keyless entry deadbolt.

Step 6: Interior Assembly

At the end of the wire you installed, there is a tip that will fit into a connector on the interior assembly. It is time to connect the wires to this port. With the wire connected, hold the wire so that it flows down from the lock as you move the assembly into place. Be very careful not to pinch the wire as this could result in your keyless entry deadbolt not working properly, if at all. Make sure you align the torque blade inside the turn piece shaft. Insert the screws to the interior at the mounting plate and tighten.

Step 7: Batteries

You are now ready to insert the batteries into their holder. Follow the directions on your packaging for this step as each model may differ in procedure.

Step 8: Codes

Most keyless entry deadbolt manufacturers allow two user codes to be entered. You will need to set your codes and test them to ensure your lock is working and that you can operate it. Remember, if you ever do forget your code, the lock will operate with a key as well.