How to Install a Keyless Remote Car Starter

  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 85-230
What You'll Need
Flat Screwdriver
Socket Wrenches
Electrical Tape
Wire Strippers
Car Manual
Keyless Remote Manual

Keyless remote car starter is a means of convenience and comfort for drivers as it provides safety/security to your things, locks or unlocks the car doors without using your keys, rolls your windows up or down, opens a car trunk only with a click and offers you a warm and cozy car in winters with defrosted windows. It is an extremely common device nowadays with various types available.

Installing a keyless remote car starter is only moderately challenging and using the tools, as per the steps mentioned below; you can go about the task with little difficulty.

Step 1: Choose and Features

All remote starters have a unique variety of features, enabling you to choose from the ones available. So, before beginning with the installation project, decide the features that you want, keeping in mind that the number of connections you would have to make throughout the car will depend on the number of features you choose.

Step 2: Remove the Negative Terminal and Panels

Once the selection has been made, unplug the negative terminal of your battery so as to protect yourself from the risk of possible shock. Once it has been detached, also remove the panels found underneath the dashboard, steering column and driver’s side panel using a flat screwdriver and socket wrenches so as to access the complete wiring system of your car.

Step 3: Mount the Keyless Remote

After the removals, find the shallow cavity space beneath the removed panels which would act as the central processing unit to your keyless remote car starter. Once located, use epoxy glue to mount the keyless remote to the structure found underneath the panels.

Step 4: Prepare your Starter and Mark the Wires

Proceed by preparing your keyless starter as per the choices you made in Step 1. The respective wires of the features that you shall not be using need to be trimmed down to 6 inches whereas the wires corresponding to the features you plan to use need to be bundled together using electrical tape. Don’t forget to leave around 4 inches of wiring for connecting the ends or edges of wires and also use this tape to mark the wires of your car that correspond to the wires from the keyless starter system. During this step do consult the wiring section of the manual of your car along with the manual of the starter.

Step 5: Work on the Wires

Once the wires have been marked, remove a bit of the insulation from the wires that you are connecting the keyless system to with the help of wire strippers. At the same time, also strip the edges off the wires from the keyless remote’s system. Proceed forward by soldering the car and keyless system’s wires together and apply electrical tape on the joints. See to it that the black colored wire from the keyless starter is grounded to the lower frame of your car.

Step 6: Test and Use

Once Step 5 is complete, re-connect the negative terminal of your battery and test the functions of the keyless system so as to assure that these are working fine.