How to Install a License Plate Light

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-15
What You'll Need
New license plate bulbs

If your license plate light is not working or if you want to install the LED license plate light to your vehicle, follow the easy step-by-step guide below. Installing the license plate light is a very simple process and will take only about 15 minutes.

Step 1 – Buy the New License Plate Lights

The first step is obviously buying the new lights to install. Select the lights based on your license plate. You have to ask someone whether the LED lights are legal in your state. If you do not know where to buy the license plate lights, go to a car mechanic shop or online to purchase.

Step 2 - Mount the Lights

You have to open the trunk and remove the lid liner carefully using a screwdriver. After the liner has been taken off, you will be able to see the sockets. Remove the old bulb (if there is one) and mount the new bulb in that socket.

Step 3 – Check the Lights

Check whether the bulbs are working once you finish mounting. If they are not working, you may have cut off the wires accidentally. Check the connection of the wires and the fuse.