How to Install a Lighted Address Plaque

What You'll Need
Lighted address sign
Manufacturers instructions
Screw driver
Electric wire

A lighted address plaque will make your home easier to identify in the dark. Installation of such a sign is a service to neighbors and friends.

Step 1 – Decide Where the Sign is to Be

For your lighted address sign to be effective it needs to be placed where it is clearly visible from the street. Places beside the door are favorites but you could also think about putting it on a stake in the lawn or attaching it to your mail box or a boundary tree.

Step 2 – Read the Instructions

Your sign will come with instructions for installation from the manufacturer. You should read these carefully to ensure you have all the parts and tools needed. There could also be some useful hints about positioning the plaque that you had not thought about.

Step 3 – Provide the Power Source

If your custom address plaque is solar powered then you need to ensure that it will get enough sunlight to recharge itself each day. If your sign needs to have a power source you need to install a connection where you want the plaque to be. It might be possible to route a wire from inside the house to the location of the plaque or, if the wall where you want to locate the plaque is not substantial, you could bring the wire through the wall. Do not install the wire and plug it in straight away. Wait until the plaque is connected.

Step 4 – Fit the Bracket

Your lighted address plaque has probably got a bracket that has to be fitted to the house wall. These, often only need to be held to the wall with two screws fitted into wall plugs. If there is a position on the bracket to secure the power wire do that to protect it. If you are using a different location you will probably find some helpful hints on how to modify the bracket.

Step 5 – Fit the Sign

Connect the sign to the power supply and then connect it to the bracket. It should be nicely square and in the open. Check that it is visible from the street.

Step 6 – Test the Sign

Connect the sign to the power and check that it lights up. If it does not it might have an automatic switch that detects daylight. Find the aperture with the sensor and cover it up. After a few seconds the light should come on. While you have the plaque in your hand, make sure that it does not seem to be heating up. This could be the sign of a bad or loose connection.

Step 7 – Fit a Timer

If your address sign does not have an automatic sensor to turn it off in daylight you could install a timer. This would ensure that the sign was lit up at night time and you would still be able to switch it on if the day is overcast.