How to Install a Magnetic Door Stop

What You'll Need
Magnetic door holder
Phillips head screwdriver

A magnetic door stop will keep your cabinet doors closed and secure. It’s easy to install. You need no DIY still and nothing more than a screwdriver.

Step 1 - Jamb

Start by screwing the magnet part of the magnetic door stop to the inside of door jamb of a cabinet or cupboard. You need to ensure that the magnet is flush with the jamb so it can exert force on the metal when you install it on the door.

The magnet should screw into place on the back of the jamb with two small Phillips head screws. Screw down tightly, making sure that the magnet is level. It shouldn’t extend beyond the inside edges of the door jamb.

Step 2 - Door

To set the metal plate of the magnetic door stop correctly on the door, first open the door. Let the metal plate stick to the magnet. Close the door again. Take your pencil and marks the top and bottom of the plate on the edge of the door. Open the door again, remove the plate and screw it into place. Close the door to test the magnetic door stop works properly and that the door opens and closes smoothly.