How to install a Mesh Pool Safety Cover

Blue pool cover
  • 2-5 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-400
What You'll Need
Mesh pool safety cover
Small jackhammer
Quick drying c
Safety clips or small carabiners
Eye bolts
Small handheld sledge hammer

A mesh pool safety cover provides your in-ground or above ground pool with a way to keep leaves and other outdoor contaminants out of your pool when it is not in use. It also provides a way to keep small children and people who do not swim from accidently getting into the pool and causing harm to themselves. Having a mesh style pool safety cover is one way to increase your pool safety.

In order to install a mesh pool safety cover you need to follow a few simple steps and acquire a few tools and materials. This task does require some physical labor and use of a small jackhammer in the case of an in-ground pool so you should review the safety instructions for the use of this type of equipment before you begin this project.

Step 1 - Purchase Required Materials

From a pool supply store and a home improvement center you need to purchase several items for the installation of your mesh pool safety cover. This includes the mesh pool safety cover, quick drying cement, eye bolts and safety clips or small carabiners. The clips or carabiners are needed to attach the mesh pool safety cover to the eye bolts if the mesh cover does not have any clips.

Step 2 - Lay Mesh Pool Safety Cover Out

Lay the mesh pool safety cover over the pool so it is covered completely. Once covered, mark each of the eye holes that are on the mesh pool safety cover into the ground. This will let you know where you drive the eye bolts into the ground. Roll the mesh pool safety cover up and place it out of the way.

Step 3 - Drive Eye Bolts into the Ground

outdoor concrete pool

For an in-ground pool surrounded by cement, you will need to use a small jackhammer to create holes in the concrete. The holes are where you will stick the eye bolts into. Make a small hole wide enough for the eye bolt but not too large that the eye bolt cannot stand up when laid inside. You will need to jackhammer holes at each of the markings you made for the mesh pool safety cover.

For an above ground pool use a small ledge hammer and drive each of the eye bolts into the ground in the same way you drive nails. Once the eye bolts have been set for either type of pool take the quick drying cement to set the eyebolts permanently into the ground. Use water as instructed for the cement.

Step 4 - Attach Clips to Mesh Pool Safety Cover

Attach the clips or small carabiners to the pool safety cover. The clips should remain attached to the safety cover and are used to attach it to the eyebolts in order to cover the pool. Roll the mesh pool safety cover out and attach it to the eye bolts.