How to Install a Motorcycle Ground Anchor

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  • 3-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-150
What You'll Need
Motorcycle ground anchor kit
Adhesive filler for cement
Concrete drill
Concrete drill bit
Masking tape

At some point you may want to install a motorcycle ground anchor on your bike. This task is a moderate level task for a do-it-yourselfer. Ground anchor kits consist of a u-shaped object made of steel that is set into the ground of your driveway or garage and secured with adhesive. A heavy duty chain goes through the frame or front tire of the motorcycle, making it difficult for a thief to make off with your prized possession.

Make sure, as a tip or mistake to avoid, that you are comfortable working with a concrete drill because this tool is needed to make the holes necessary to set the motorcycle anchor into the ground. Other than this requirement, the process for installing a motorcycle ground anchor is straightforward and just requires some muscle and time.

Step 1 - Purchase a Motorcycle Ground Anchor Kit

To install a motorcycle ground anchor you need to purchase a motorcycle ground anchor kit. This can be found at an auto parts store, motorcycle dealership and equipment store, or ordered online. The cost for a kit is around $75 to $100, so it is not that expensive of a purchase.

You will also need to rent a concrete drill and purchase a drill bit that is designed to make holes in your concrete driveway. This can be found at a tool rental center in your community or at a home improvement center, such as Lowes or Home Depot.

Step 2 - Drill Holes in the Concrete

You will need to drill the holes in your concrete driveway where you plan to install the ground anchor. Most kits come with a template or stencil for making the holes, so use it as your guide once you determine where you want to secure the motorcycle.

Once you locate the spot for the installation of the anchor, set the stencil on the ground and place masking tape around it in order to hold it in place. Place the drill bit over the holes in the stencil and drill about 1 inch or so into the driveway. Once the holes have been made through the stencil, remove the paper template and discard it.

Step 3 - Set the Anchor into the Ground

With the holes drilled from the stencil into the driveway, set the anchors inside and pour the concrete adhesive to secure the anchor in place. Hold the anchor upright for several minutes after you pour the adhesive to make sure that it sets properly and that the anchor remains upright. Once the adhesive begins to harden, allow it to settle undisturbed for several hours before attempting to secure the motorcycle to the anchor with the heavy duty Nike chain. Test the anchor for movement by moving it back and forth vigorously.