How to Install a Patio Roof Cover

What You'll Need
A patio roof of your choice
Measuring tape
A square
A level
Mounting beam
Corner posts
Screws or bolts
Rubber, plastic, metal washers or clips provided by patio roof manufacturers
Step ladder

A patio roof cover is easy to install and will protect you and your patio from sun, rain and snow. A patio is the place where you can relax after work, have breakfast or dinner, or have a nice party with your friends. If you want to install your roof cover you may choose to do this on your own or get a family member to assist you.

Step 1 – Measure Your Patio and Choose the Roof

Measure your patio and establish the size of the roof you need. Start measuring from the house to the end of the patio and from one side to the other. Write down the measurements.

Your patio roof can be made of steel, textile material, rubber or fiber glass. Get a roof that will be suitable for your space.

Step 2– Install the Mounting Beam or Corner Posts

Patio roofs may be attached to the house or stand freely. If you choose to attach the roof to the house, you will need to install the mounting beam first, using lag screws or bolts. If you opt for a free standing patio roof, you will need to install the corner posts. Anchor the posts and link them with a cross bracing system or a post to post connection.

Step 3 – Check if Corners Are Square

The corners should be square, so that the patio roof panels can be anchored to the posts. Use a square to determine this.

Step 4 – Install the Panels

Install it one panel at a time. This is when you may need someone to assist you. Use two screws to fix one side of the panel in position. Use a ladder. Have someone hold the ladder for you while you secure the other side of the panel.

Do the same with all the remaining panels, making sure the panels are aligned and locked into place. Make sure there is no spacing between the panels and overlap each panel on the previously installed panel. If the last roof panel is too large, you may have to cut the panel, using a cutter (metal cutter if the panels are made from metal).

Step 5 – Seal the Screws

Seal the screws for the panels using sealant, or rubber or plastic washers. These will also prevent galvanic corrosion.

Step 6 – Make Sure Panels Are Even

Check that the panels are even in height. A patio roof should be easy to maintain, but you will have to check periodically for cracks or any rust that may have accumulated.