How to Install a Patio Umbrella Shade

patio set beneath an umbrella
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 35-400
What You'll Need
Patio Umbrella
Hammer Drill/Masonry Bit
Philips Screwdriver
Socket Driver

Sitting out on your patio on a hot day is much more comfortable with a patio umbrella shade. They also make a great shelter for those rainy days when you get caught outside during a dinner or visit. Patio umbrella shades come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, materials, and even shapes. They can be purchased according to your preferences and overall house design. Installing a patio umbrella shade is an easy project that can be done in an afternoon.

Step 1 - Attach Umbrella Covering

Depending on the type of patio umbrella you purchase, this step may already have been done for you. The umbrella covering is the material that goes over the umbrella tines. These are the spider-like metal or wooden pieces that stretch out the top to give it shape. If the umbrella covering is not already on the tines, putting it on is quite simple.

Lay the umbrella material flat on the ground, or patio floor with the underside facing up. Set the umbrella top onto the material and slide the tines into the loops at the end of the material. This might be tight, but a little stretching will work.

Step 2 - Attach to Metal Pipe

outdoor kitchen and patio set

Now that the top of the umbrella is together, you will need to put the top onto the metal pipe that holds the patio umbrella up. There should be something, like a set screw, that you will screw into the pole to secure the top.

Step 3 - Install Bracket to Patio

Take the mounting bracket and lay it on the patio where you want the patio umbrella to go. Most of the umbrella stands will stand alone and hold the umbrella up without any type of fastener needed. However, some of the umbrellas will need to be secured to the patio. Make a mark on the patio where the holes are for the anchor bolts.

Use the hammer drill and drill in the holes for the anchor bolts. Clean away the debris from the hole and set the base back over the holes. Use a socket wrench to drive in the anchor bolt for the base. This bolt will begin to widen as it goes into the cement for a tight fit.

Step 4 - Place Umbrella in Stand and Enjoy!

deck with dining set and umbrella

Lift the patio umbrella into place and guide it in the base. It should go in straight. Use the set screws on the mounting base to secure the patio umbrella solidly in place. If the umbrella moves at all, use some shims to keep it straight. The base should be solid also. If the weight of the patio umbrella moves it at all, tighten the bolts down and add some liquid cement adhesive to the bottom of the base.

Now set up your chairs, table, and enjoy a cool drink sitting out on your patio while you feel good about your new umbrella.