How to Install a Patio Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Drill for tiles
Cable for power supply

Patio water fountains are quite simple to put together and install and add flair to your patio. They will usually come with comprehensive instructions and all the necessary fittings.

Step 1 – Decide the Location

Your fountain needs to be in a position where it will be noticed but where it will not be in the way. If you have an idea of the size of the fountain you could try moving a similar sized item around the patio to see what the effect of various locations will be.

Step 2 – Power Supply

If your fountain is going to be run from mains power you need to ensure that a supply is available. It is not a good idea to have mains cables or wires trailing across the floor so you should arrange for the supply to run under the floor tiles.

Step 3 – Trace the Power Route

Once you know where you will take the power from, mark out a direct route to your fountain position.

Step 4 – Install the Cable

Remove the tiles from the floor of the patio along the route the cable needs to take. Drill a hole in the tile that will be under the fountain to thread the cable through. Dig a small trench for the cable along the length of the route using the point of a trowel. You can put the cable into a conduit but it isn’t really necessary. The last tile against the wall will need a notch cut in the wall edge to allow the cable to come above the floor again. Put the cable into the small trench and cover it with some of the material you dug out. Push it through the hole you cut in the tile for about 18 inches.

Step 5 – Replace the Tiles

Once you have the cable in place replace each of the tiles filling in the small trench as you go to ensure a good solid surface under the tiles. You should finish up with 18 inches of cable where the fountain will be fitted and the other end of the cable coming out at the wall. All the tiles will be well seated again.

Step 6 – Install the Fountain

Following the instructions, build up the fountain and connect it to the cable you have installed. If the fountain has to be fixed to the patio floor make sure you know how to get to the pump and reservoir in case they ever need servicing.

Step 7 – Fill the Reservoir

Once the fountain is properly installed fill the reservoir to the correct level. This will ensure that when you connect the pump to the mains it will not be running without water.

Step 8 – Connect to Power

Connect the cable to the power supply. Do a final check that everything has been installed correctly and that the water is still in the reservoir with no leaks. Turn on the pump and the fountain should run.