How to Install a Pebble Gravel Patio

What You'll Need
Quick set concrete mix
UV resistant epoxy
Mixing trough
2x4x8 lumber
Black plastic landscape edging

A pebble gravel patio creates an inviting area in your home when you want to hangout outdoors. This type of pebble goes well if you have a pool, outdoor fountain or spa. Pebble patios can also be expanded further to connect additional patios in the home or outdoor rooms. If you wish not to maintain a big grass lawn you can install a pebble gravel patio in your backyard.

Step 1 – Make a Design

Have a design in mind what shape you want your patio to be. Use a tiller and shovel to shape the outline and dig the desired depth of your patio base. Take your black plastic landscape edging and outline the form for your patio. Lay out the long board across all directions of the shape of your patio to check if the tops edges are leveled. Check the patio base depth in several spots to ensure the depth is uniformed. If there are areas that are too shallow, dig out the areas to make it level. If some areas are too deep, add enough soil to make it level. Make sure the base depth is informed before proceeding.

Step 2 – Mix the Concrete

Mix your concrete. You have to make enough to fill the formed outline of your patio base within two inches of the top edge of the black plastic landscape edging.

Step 3 – Mix Pebbles and Concrete

Mix together the gravel pebbles and concrete. It is best to use a cement mixer to ensure the consistency and perfect ratio of concrete and gravel pebble. If you do not have a cement mixer then a big plastic container or mixing trough would do. It will always depend on how big your project is.

Step 4 – Pour the Concrete and Gravel Pebble

Pour the concrete and gravel pebble mix into the base form, slowly smoothing it out as you pour to ensure it is leveled.  Pour until you have reached a depth of at least two inches. While the concrete is still slightly wet add more pebbles into place to fill the other remaining two inches of depth.

Step 5 – Level the Concrete and Gravel Pebble

Take your long board and use it to level and smooth away the excess concrete and pebble gravel that have overflowed on the landscape edging. This process will push the pebbles further into the wet concrete. Add more if you feel that there are not enough pebbles on a certain area or if it sank way too low into the concrete. Let is cure for several hours. Read manufacturer’s instructions regarding curing time.

Step 6 – Pour the Resistant Epoxy

Pour the UV resistant epoxy on top of the pebbled surface of your patio and make sure that the epoxy does not overflow and only stays within the black plastic landscape edging that outlines the patio. Wait for the epoxy to fill in between all spaces of the pebbles before continuing. The entire pebble surface should be fully covered. Wait another 24 hours to add another layer of UV resistant epoxy to ensure all the pebbles are sealed in.

Step 7 – Cure the Sealant

Let the sealant cure prior to use. Check the label of your epoxy for its curing time.