How to Install a Pebble Tile Countertop

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Installing a pebble tile countertop is an easy way to liven up any room within your home, and since it is such an easy task there is no need to hire a professional to accomplish the task. Pebble tile countertops are one of the easiest upgrades within the home that can give the outdoor appearance that has recently begun to appear in house designs and remodeling styles throughout the world.

Prepare for Plumbing if Needed

If the pebble tile countertop is going to be placed where a sink needs to go, and if the countertop is not already pre-cut, then a hole must be cut to allow for the sink placement, as well as any plumbing lines that will be required. Do this by measuring exactly where the middle of the sink will be, using the wall behind the location and the wall or countertop that the new piece will be butting up to. Mark the center and use the template that was included with the sink to make the marks upon the pebble tiles. Cut this hole out carefully with the proper cutting blade installed into a reciprocating saw or any other type of power saw that you choose to use. If any plumbing lines will be going through the countertop, mark and cut them in the same way.

Attach the Countertop

If the pebble tile countertop is going on top of an existing counter then simply slide it into place and secure it down with epoxy or wood screws, depending upon how the underside of the countertop was designed. Make sure that before the countertop is tight against the surrounding walls that you run a bead of epoxy around the outer edge. This will allow the pebble tile countertop to be secured against the walls, as well as down to the counter underneath.

If the countertop is already attached to the counter then the entire unit needs to be secured to the wall and the floor. In order to accomplish this, use a stud finder to find the studs within the walls and the floor, and mark the entire length of them with a pencil. Transfer these measurements to the inside of the cabinet and pre-drill small holes so that the screws will not have to work so hard to get through. Slide the countertop into position, making sure that any plumbing lines go through the proper holes, and screw the counter into place.

Caulk the Edges

The final step involved in installing a pebble tile countertop is to caulk around the edges. Make sure to run a bead along all of the outer edges that are butted up against the surrounding walls or counters. After you run a small bead, wet your finger and smooth it out before it dries. This will press the caulk into any cracks that may be present, as well as flatten it out so that it will blend into the edges of the countertop. If you can find a color of caulk that matches the new countertop, use it. Otherwise, use clear caulking so that it will not stand out.