How to Install a Pegboard Wall

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Stud finder

A Pegboard wall make a great way to display and organize all kinds of items around the house or garage. With a few basic skills, pegboards can be easily installed and ready to use. When installing a pegboard wall, it is important to make sure that it is done correctly to be able to support all of the items that you want to hang on it.  Here are some easy steps to follow when installing a pegboard with a secure frame.

Step 1: Measure the Pegboard

When creating a pegboard wall, measure the pegboard first to make sure that it will fit into the space where you want to hang it. If necessary, it can be trimmed to fit any area.

Step 2: Find the Wall Area

After measuring the pegboard, hold it up to the wall where it will be installed. Mark the corners of the pegboard on the wall. These markings will be needed later when you are ready to hang the pegboard.

Step 3: Find the Studs

By using a stud finder, or if you are a knowledgeable carpenter, by listening to your fingers tapping on the wall, find the studs where you will place the screws to install the pegboard. If you miss the stud with your screws you take the risk of the weight of the pegboard tearing the wallboard and eventually falling. Therefore, be sure to  screw into the stud areas to provide enough support for the pegboard and to assure the safety of the objects that will be stored on the hooks.

Step 4: Measure and Cut Wood

Cut and measure pieces of 1x2 studs or strips to make a frame to support the pegboard. These strips are going to add extra support for the pegboard and will hold the pegboard out from the wallboard to allow the hooks to fit correctly through the holes. Cut the wood strips to the correct lengths to create the frame. Cut extra strips to be placed across the pegboard for support . You might want to add an extra strip every 6 to 12 inches for this additional support. This is important if you plan to hang heavy items or you are using a heavy pegboard panel.

Step 5: Measure and Mark Pegboard

Measure and mark the pegboard every 6 or 12 inches to match the frame that it is going to be installed on.

Step 6: Fasten Pegboard

Fasten the pegboard to the frame. Put in screws on each marked spot on the pegboard.  Fasten all extra strips with a screw every 6 to 12 inches as you decided was necessary for the weight.

Once the pegboard and frame are prepared and the wall has been marked according to the above instructions, you are ready to hang the pegboard and frame on the wall. You may want to have someone help you to make sure that the board goes up straight and in the right place.  Fasten the frame and pegboard to the wall with long screws that will go well into the wall studs. When finished, check each of the mountings to be sure that the pegboard is in the place it needs to be and is secure enough to hold the items that will be hung on it.