How to Install a Plastic Bullnose

If you are installing drywall, chances are good that you will have to install some sort of bullnose corner bead as well. There are many types for you to choose from, but plastic is the most common material for corner bead. This is because plastic is easy to work with. Additionally, plastic's flexibility gives it numerous advantages, making it possible to use on curved surfaces, as well as making it resistant to damage caused by warping.

Installing your own plastic bullnose corner bead is fairly straightforward. What follows should give you everything you need to know in order to complete the task.

Adding Adapters

Before you install your plastic bullnose, you will need to install appropriately shaped adapters on the corners of your sheetrock to connect them.

Choose an adapter and a corner. Spray your adhesive onto the corner. After you do this, place your adapter in the corner where you want it installed. Wait 10 seconds, then pick it up and separate it from the corner. This will make the glue spread out effectively, and also make it dry faster. Once you have done this, put the adapter back in the corner and hold it there for a few seconds. After a few seconds pass, the glue should harden enough that you can let it go.

Repeat this process for as many corners as necessary.

Taking Measurements

Now that your adapters are installed, you can take measurements to determine how much plastic bullnose you need. Get out your tape measure and use it to measure the length of all edges. Be sure to measure the area that you actually need to cover with plastic bullnose, taking into account that you will have to cover the edges of the adapters, but not go over them. Mark your plastic bullnose where you need to cut it down to the size that you need.

Cutting Plastic Bullnose

Now that you have measured your plastic bullnose accurately, you can cut it into appropriately sized pieces. Use tin snips to cut the bullnose according to the marks you made after measuring.

Installing Plastic Bullnose

Now that you have appropriately sized pieces of corner bead, all you have to do is attach them using your spray adhesive. Apply a generous coat of spray adhesive to your corner. Next, place your plastic bullnose firmly into the corner, which should place it over the adapters. Hold it for 10 seconds. Next, pick up the plastic bullnose corner bead that you have placed. Much like the adapters, it should have an even spread of adhesive all over it. Put the bullnose corner bead down again and hold it in place for several seconds. This should be enough time to let the thinned out, finely spread adhesive harden enough to support the weight of the corner bead.

Once you have done this, do it for every section of plastic bullnose that you intend to install.