How to Install a Pocket Door Latch

  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-200
What You'll Need
Pocket door latch
Small Jigsaw
Screw Driver
Utility Knife

A pocket door latch can provide privacy in areas that have small floor and wall space. Pocket doors are a good space saver, as they are opened from inside the wall. You even place furniture on both of the wall sides by the door. Pocket door latches are not hard install if you have the right tools and a little bit of time to spare. The tools and step needed for this install are listed below.

Tools Needed for the Job

  • Small Jigsaw
  • Screw Driver
  • Chisel
  • Utility Knife

Step 1 - Prepare and Mark the Door to be Cut

There should be a template supplied that you can use as your guide. The distance of the center of the door locks center to the floor is to be measured. This is what will be used for the template to be placed. Use tape to secure the template in its place and use a utility knife to lightly carve the door through the template.

Step 2 - Cut Door

Use the small jigsaw to cut along knife lines you just made. There should be a rectangular notch inside the door when you are done with the cutting.

Step 3 - Installing Pocket Door Latch

The middle of the latch should sit right on the rectangular notch you just made. The lock edges should sit on the door face. Make sure the lock edges slip above the door and slide the lock into its place. Use screws to secure the lock onto the door.

Step 4 - Preparing Door for Latch Plate

Use your pencil to mark the jamb of the door for the latch plate to be installed. The pocket door is to be closed almost all the way. To use the locking lever, turn the lever, which is on the lock body at the side. Place a mark where this lever comes into contact with door jamb. The latch plate hole needs to be in the center of the pencil mark. With a utility knife, trace the latch plate outline on the jamb of the door.

Step 5 - Cutting the Latch Plate Outline

Use a small chisel to cut a hole for latch plate to be inserted. The outline should be cut deeper into the jamb by using a utility knife. Remove wood by using the chisel in the middle of outline to 1/8 depth. Take off about ½ of wood where the lock lever comes into contact with the jamb of the door. This allows room for the lever to enter into the jamb of the door.

Step 6 - Installing Latch Plate

Put the latch plate into the outline you just created. Screw it in the jamb. Completely shut the pocket door and turn the lock. You will know the job is completed correctly if your door is unable to be opened. If you can still open the door, then the latch plate location will need to be adjusted until it is unable to be opened when locked.