How to Install a Pool Deck Drain

an indoor pool
  • 8-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 40-200
What You'll Need
Shovel or equipment to dig a trench
PVC piping and angle
Pea gravel
Drain cover

It is important to have a pool deck drainage system that will keep your pool deck or patio free of standing water. This in itself is necessary as a safety factor no one slips as they walk around the pool area. This is also a good cosmetic improvement as standing water is not attractive. You can easily learn how to install a pool deck drain.

Outlined below are steps to take to do the work using ordinary home supply store items. There are also products on the market that claim to be an easy way for you to install a pool drain, using their parts, without the need to dig trenches. These are also available in various colors and can be used for other drainage uses, as claimed by the manufacturer. If you wish to pursue this type of installation, you will need to do further research.

Step 1 - Plan

You want to be sure that you position your drain pipes below the frost line if you are in a climate that experiences frost and freezing temperatures. This will help to keep patio pavers from buckling when the ground freezes.

Take a look at your pool as it is in use and note where the water pools. This is where you want to place your pool drain. It will be most effective in the area with the most water. It may be easier to install your drain near to the edge of our deck so you do not have to do too much cement work, so keep that in mind as well.

Step 2 – Dig a Trench

You will need to dig a deep trench. This will be for your water flow from the drain into your yard and away. You want to have the trench end away from the swimming pool. Be mindful of your neighbors when you determine where to send your drain.

While digging the trench, be sure to grade it so as to move the water away from the drain. Again, remember to keep the pipes below the frost line.

Step 3 – Measure

Measure the length of the trench to determine how much PVC piping you will need for the job. If you can find it, it may be a good idea to buy a pipe that has a few drain holes in it. This will help to spread out the water as it drains and you won’t have all your water draining at the end of the line.

Step 4 – Line the Trench

Before laying the piping in the trench you will need to line it with pea or other gravel. This will aid in the draining process. Lay your PVC piping over the gravel.

Step 5 – Attach to the Drain Cover

You may need to cut a hole in your cement or your pavers to install the drain cover. Using an elbow angle under the drain cover, attach the tubing to the drain pipe. Fill in any cement or pavers you had to remove for installation.

You are now ready to fill the trench back in with soil and enjoy your pool.