How to Install a Pool Sand Filter

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  • 6-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-1,200
What You'll Need
Sand filter with multiport valve
2-inch PVC pipe
Pipe fittings
Tape measure
Pipe glue
Teflon tape

Pool sand filters are very useful for keeping your swimming pool clean and the swimming pool water hygienic. Pool sand filters can be installed very easily and do not require much labor. Doing it yourself you can also save a lot of money which you would have otherwise spent paying for a professional.

Step 1: Removing Old Filter

If you are willing to replace the old sand filter, at first you must remove it by unscrewing the plastic interior and then the water diffuser. The pipes connecting the old filter to the pump must be removed completely. This might take a bit of effort as the pipes are connected very strongly.

Step 2: Positioning the New Filter

Once the old filter is removed completely you must position the new filter correctly. It must be placed in such a way so that it can reach the multiport valve easily. The new 2-inch female fitting must be installed on the intake port of the pump and on the multiport valve. Once they are fitted you must use Teflon tape on the threads and wrap the Teflon tape a few times. Then use a lock to fix all the fittings tightly. If it’s not tightened properly the sand filter will not function properly.

Step 3: Multiport Valve

Generally, the multiport valve has markings on it which indicate in which direction the water flows through it. You must check these directions properly and then install a 2-inch pipe on the water intake of the multiport. Then attach this pipe with the suction pump properly. In many cases, the sand filter varies in the specification. So you must go through the directions. In some cases, you may be required to install the multiport valve first on the filter and then on the pump.

Step 4: Installing the Pipe Lines

First, you have to remove the top and then you must remove the diffuser. After doing this install the pipeline from the pool return line to the sand filter. The backwash lines must be installed correctly as the backwash lines are very important for the proper functioning of the sand filter. A large plastic bag, which is durable and strong, must be placed in the center of the open pipe. After it is placed, slowly add sand and make sure it's falling perfectly and there is no dirt mixed with the sand.

Step 5: Finishing Installation

After the sand is in place, install the new diffuser and also put on the new plastic top on the filter. After all the connections are tightened properly you must test this setting. For testing it at first put the multiport valve in the backwash mode. This helps to clean all the lines and if there is any dirt in the lines and the filter, it will not reach the pool. Once this is done you can check all the other modes of the multiport valve and see if it's functioning properly.