How to Install a Pool Timer

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  • 4 hours
  • Advanced
  • 200-300
What You'll Need
Electric pool pump timer, 10 to 12 amps
Wire cutters
Wire cover strippers
15-amp fuse or circuit breaker
Insulated wire, black
Insulated ground wire, green
Neutral wire, white
Electrical tape
Small screwdriver with suitable head

Using a pool timer on your pool pump for a fixed amount of time daily can save you energy and money. Regular pool pumping for between 5 and 8 hours a day keeps your pool healthy and ready for swimmers throughout the summer months. Learn how to install a pool timer following the directions below.

Step 1: Turn Off the Circuit Breaker / Fuse to the Electricity Source

Flip the circuit breaker switch to the "Off" position, or detach the fuse from the fuse box as needed to disconnect electricity to the power source for the pool timer.

Step 2: Attach the Pool Pump Timer to the Electrical Source

Attach the black and white wires to the electrical source. The white wire will be labeled "Load," and the black wire will be labeled "Hot."

Step 3: Wire the Terminals of the Pool Pump Timer and the Pump

Cut a short piece of wire, 6 inches long to wrap around the second and third terminal screws inside the timer. The last length of black wire will continue from the timer to the pump, labeled as "Load."

Step 4: Ground the Pool Pump Timer

Wrap the green ground wires around the ground terminal screw labeled inside the timer box.

Step 5: Attach the White Wire to Terminal 1

Wrap the loose end of the white wire around the terminal 1 screw.

Step 6: Wrap All Wire Ends in Electrical Tape

Cover all exposed wire ends with 2 rounds of duct tape. Make sure they are covered completely to prevent corrosion and exposure to the pool water.

Step 7: Close and Seal the Timer Box

Flip down the plastic lid cover of the timer box and secure it with the small screws supplied.

Step 8: Restore Electricity to the Pool Timer Circuit

Turn the circuit breaker switch to the "On" position.

Use a voltmeter to test that the correct voltage is running through the pool timer. Check each terminal separately.

Step 10: Activate the Manual Control of the Pool Timer

Set the pool timer to manual control, and ensure it turns on the pool pump according to the directions on the user manual for the timer.

Step 11: Program the Timer

Follow the directions in the pool timer user manual to program the timer. Be sure to program the timer for at least 5 hours of continuous operation. The pool timer should always run the pool pump while people are swimming in the pool, for maximum aeration and cleaning of the water. To save money run the pool pump on the timer during off-peak hours, such as before 6 a.m. and after 8 p.m.

Step 12: Turn the Pool Timer Switch to Automatic

Set the pool timer to "Automatic," and it will turn your pool pump on for the time interval you selected, and off when the timed run has been completed.