How to Install a Porcelain Tile Floor-Final Touches

Hand on a square of porcelain tile
  • 4-400 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-5,000

The process of installing a porcelain tile floor requires several different steps to complete. After you have already started laying the tile, there is not much left to the process before it will be completed. Here are the last few steps in the process of installing a porcelain tile floor.

Step 1 - Remove the Furring Strip

At the beginning of the job, you may have installed a furring strip on the floor to provide yourself with a place to start laying the tile. If this is the case, you will now need to remove this furring strip. If you nailed the strip in place, you will need to take a hammer and remove the nails before pulling up the strip.

If you glued the strip down, you should be able to take a pry bar and pry it up off of the floor. Once you do this, you will be able to continue laying tile where the furring strip was located.

Step 2 - Measure and Cut Tiles

person installing tile flooring

Once you have installed all of the whole pieces of tile, you will need to cut pieces to fill in around the edges of the room. Take a tape measure and determine how big of a piece of tile you are going to need to fill in the gap. Get the dimension and then use a marker or wax pencil to mark the tile in the appropriate place.

Place the tile in your wet saw for cutting. A wet saw can be used to easily cut through porcelain tile. The wet saw will pump water on to the diamond tipped blade which will lubricate it and allow it to cut through the tile.

Step 3 - Apply Adhesive

Now that you have a piece of tile cut to fit in the gap, you will need to apply adhesive so you can stick it to the floor. With your trowel, get some adhesive out of your bucket. Hold the piece of tile in one hand and your trowel in the other. Use the trowel to wipe some adhesive onto the back of the tile. You will then need to take the trowel and smooth out the adhesive on the back of the tile. Make sure there is not any excess adhesive on the tile.

Step 4 - Insert the Tile

Take the tile and insert it into the opening. Press it firmly down into the floor. Make sure it is lined up with the tile spacers from the adjacent tile. Continue doing this around the outside of the room until all of the floor is covered.

Step 5 - Grout

installing grout on a tile floor

After you have allowed the tile adhesive to dry overnight, you will need to grout the floor. Mix up your grout in a bucket and then use a grout float or trowel to apply it to the grout joints. Make sure the joints are completely filled with grout.

Step 6 - Clean Up

After you have applied the grout, you will then need to clean the floor. Use a bucket of water and a sponge to wipe down the floor. This will remove excess grout on the tile as well as smooth out the grout joints. Allow the grout to dry overnight before walking on the tile.