How to Install a Pot Rack Light

What You'll Need
Plumb bob
Measuring tape
Masking tape
Stud finder
Ceiling screws
Marker or pencil
Working gloves and protective gloves

Any ceiling light fixture in the kitchen can be converted to a pot rack light. This makes it functional in multiple ways: lighting the kitchen, organizing cookware and creating space. A pot rack chandelier works well as it comes installed with its own lights. It is advisable to select a model that fits the existing fixture for easy installation. However, if this does not work, select one that has a light in the center.

Step 1 – Assemble Materials

Buy a light pot rack and ceiling screws from hardware store. To make sure you have the right size rack, think about the number of pots or pans in the kitchen, their sizes, collective weight and length of handles. Consider the space in the kitchen as well and buy a proportionally sized appliance. Clear furniture from the kitchen to create enough working space.

Step 2 – Identify Location

It is ideal to hang the pot rack light in the center of the kitchen. This placement provides even distribution of light. However, you should also consider the ease of accessibility to the pans or pots when working in the kitchen.

Also, Keep in mind the condition of the ceiling you have. For a heavy pot rack light, consider reinforcing the ceiling in the kitchen to comfortably keep the rack aloft.

Step 3 – Mark the Location

Place masking tape on the counter to mark the central position where the pot rack is to be hung. Use a pencil to mark the masking tape. Use a plumb bob to locate the point on the ceiling that corresponds to the mark on the counter. Mark it using a pencil; this will be the center of the pot rack light. While locating the central position, take into account where the joists will be positioned. Make changes if necessary before proceeding to make a hole in the ceiling.

Step 4 – Position Hole in Ceiling

Make sure that the joists are placed in such a way that they do not interfere with the central position of the pot rack. Measure a 4-inch diameter hole at the market point in the ceiling. Use a drill to make a hole.

Step 5 – Position Joints

Use a magnetic stud finder to locate joists. Make sure to find several nails that run perpendicularly to the joists.

Step 6 – Fix Lights

Turn off power supply before working on the ceiling fan circuit. Carefully remove the ceiling fan and make sure that the wires are long enough to reach the pot rack when it will be suspended from the ceiling.

Attach the chains and pot rack to the ceiling. Use a screw driver to secure and fasten each piece. Mount the light bracket and connect it with electricity wires. Turn on power supply and test the lights. Make sure all chains are fastened to the ceiling and the pot rack is hung at the correct height before placing pots.