How to Install a Programmable Doorbell

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More and more homeowners are going for a programmable doorbell than a standard wired one. Not only can you use different alarms, but these wireless doorbells are actually less expensive than their wired counterparts.

Remove Your Old Doorbell

If you are switching from a wired doorbell to a wireless one, it’s important that you remove the old doorbell before you go on and install the wireless one. This will prevent any kind of mistake in the future. All you have to do is to remove the mounted wired doorbell and then tuck all the wires inside the hole if you cannot extract it. Place wood putty into the hole until it is level with the wall then wait for everything to dry up before sanding and then painting.

Choose a Place for the New Doorbell

Choose an appropriate location for your new doorbell. Make sure that it won’t be obscured from view, such as behind plants. At the same time, you have to make sure that your new doorbell won’t be too exposed to rain and the sun. The elements can be really hard on your doorbell. Placing a nice doorbell roof can serve to protect your doorbell from rain and at the same time signal to your guests that the doorbell is mounted below it. Lastly, doorbells should be positioned parallel to the part of the door where the doorknob is located and not the part where the hinges are.

Drill Holes on the Wireless Doorbell

Take out the back cover of the button unit of your wireless doorbell. You will find holes on the side of the house. Use the holes to mark the wall and then drill holes. You can then screw in the back of the button unit of the wireless doorbell into the wall.

Connect to a Power Source

The inside unit of your wireless doorbell must be connected to a power source before you can even begin using it. Some wireless doorbells have a power outlet already connected so all that you have to do is plug it in. But if your wireless doorbell needs to be connected to a power source the same way a wired doorbell has to, simply remove the wires from the old doorbell unit that you have, and connect them to the wireless doorbell that you’ve decided to use.

There are labels for each terminal so that you know which wires to connect them to. It’s important that you turn off the fuse box first before you do any tinkering with the wires. When you’re ready to test things, simply turn on the fuse box again. Also, connect the wires for your wireless doorbell’s chimes inside your home. To do so, simply take the old chime apart, remove the wires, and reconnect to the new chimes.

Mount the Chimes and New Doorbell

When you’re done with everything, simply mount the new chimes inside your home with the use of screws and attach the doorbell to the back cover.