How to Install a Roof Drainage System

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500
What You'll Need
Water hose
Drain spouts

When you have a flat roof, creating the proper roof drainage system is vital to prevent flooding, warping and premature roof replacement. Home with flat roofs have no way for the collected water to drain from the roof, creating a dangerous collection of water left to sit on top of your home. You can create a roof drainage system as a DIY project as long as you utilize the proper materials and follow these easy steps.

Step 1 - Planning

The first step in any project is planning, and the planning of where to place your roof drain is a vital step to creating a functional drain system. The best location for your roof drainage system is in the lowest point of your roof. As well, the placement of the drain should be located along the outside edge of the roof to create a simpler and smoother drain system.

Step 2 - Clear Roof

If you have any existing water on your roof, you need to drain this from the roof before you begin your project. You can do this by using a water hose to siphon the water away from the roof. Disconnect the hose from your faucet and fill the hose with water. Then place one end of the hose into the water on your roof and let the other end of the hose hang off your roof. The water in the hose will drain and create a siphon to remove the standing water from your roof.

Step 3 - Drainage Placement

Remove a few bricks from the location where you will place your drainage system. Try to remove as few bricks as possible so you do not compromise the integrity of your roof. All you need to do is create a large enough opening to hold the drain and allow the water to drain away from the roof.

Step 4 - Attach Drains

Install the drains in the location where you created an opening in the bricks. The drains will connect to a spout system that will prevent the water from flowing directly down the side of your home. Most drains will be attached to the house using nails or screws and attach directly to the fascia under the roof. Follow the manufacturers directions that were included wit the drains you purchased. Each manufacturer may utilize a different attachment or handing system, so be sure to read and follow their directions for the drain installation.

Step 5 - Attach Drain Spouts

Attach the gutters into the drains to create a drainage system. The down spouts will direct the water away from your house so that the water does not flood or damage your foundation. Down or drain spouts will typically attach directly into the inside end of the drain with screws. Again, each drain spout will come with varying installation instructions depending on the types of fasteners and screws it comes with. Be sure to read and follow the included directions on how to attach the drain spouts to the drain.