How to Install a Roof Soffit Board

What You'll Need
Soffit Panels
Panel Fascia
Channel Strips
Pry Rod
Measuring Tape
Nail Gun
Drill Machine
Soffit Vents

While working on a roof and siding you might need to install soffit boards. Soffit boards are used to hold together roof pieces with siding. Decorative soffit boards increase roof beauty. If a soffit board is installed properly, it helps in conventional ventilation of the house.

Step 1: Looking for Damage

The first step is to observe the house from the outside and determine the extent of damage. Siding soffit boards or fascia can start wearing off with age. Rain or humidity causes the wood to bend and distort. If upon close examination other boards appear swollen or decolorized, this is the best time to replace all soffit boards.

Step 2: Removing the Old Soffit Boards

Detach the previous soffit boards. There are small strips that hold soffit boards under the fascia. These are called F-channel stripping. To dislodge soffit board, fascia and F-channel have to be removed. To wrench it off use a pry rod. During soffit board removal use extreme caution as a brisk move can cause roof damage. We want to replace the boards with ease, avoiding trouble.

Step 3: Installing Channels

There is a roof overhand that supports the F-channel. Install the new F-channels right beneath the edge of your overhang. Align the new installation with rafters at the location where the previous F-channels were attached. With the help of hammer and nails, secure the soffit board with roof rafters.

Step 4: Cutting Channels

Cut thin strips of siding with the help of a saw. Using a hammer and small nails, hammer the siding at the opposite side of the F-channels. This will ensure that the soffit board will have a shelf to slide in, during installation. The V-grove helps soffit boards to align with the roof siding.

 Step 4: Cutting Soffit Board

The soffit board will be fixed in a location near the F-channel under the roof siding. To get the exact size for cutting, measure from the F-channel to the edge of roof fascia. The soffit boards should be a little narrower than the measurement taken. That will make it fit with precision. Deduce at least a centimeter of the final measurement. This will give a size less than the one measured. Use a saw to cut the soffit board into panels.

Step 5: Installing Soffit Boards

Before nailing the soffit board panel, confirm that the board is placed squarely with the fascia. Use a framing square and place the board in place. To start installation, fix one edge of the panel into the F-channel. Adjust the side with V-grove of the channel.

Step 6: Sliding Soffit Boards into Place

Take the soffit boards and placing each between the F-channel and the F-panel. Now slide the board and lock it into place. To complete the process, affix the fascia board on the soffit panels. The fascia board will cover all loose edges and finalize the outlook.