How to Install a Sauna Heater

What You'll Need
2/4 ceiling and Wall Studs
Electrical Ground Outlet
6 mil in Minimum of Vapor
2/6 Floor Joists
Insulated Fiberglass
1/4 Feet Lumber Bench
Sauna Stove
Paneling Boards

Many people visit the sauna heater once in a while to rejuvenate and calm their mind. The widely used sauna heaters are of four types namely gas, wood, infrared and electric sauna heaters.

Step 1: Sealing the Room

For installing the sauna, one must maintain the entire room’s atmosphere with humidity and isolate the room from the other rooms of the house. You need to seal the entire room for the moisture by stapling the vapor barrier to all surfaces like the floor, wall and ceiling. Insulation causes the heat to radiate within the room and restricts from exiting to rest of the house causing undesired warmth.          

Step 2: Installing Support    

Above the vapor barrier of the floor, install supports for the floor. Ensure to leave required amount of space in between these supports for installing the fiberglass insulation.

Step 3: Installing Studs                          

Be careful while installing studs over the vapor barrier of the wall, as it requires spacing for insulation.  Installation of ceiling studs must be done by nailing them to wall studs. Again, ensure to leave space in between for insulation.

Step 4: Installing the Heating Stove                                                                                                                        

Install the heating stove with the help of electrical wiring.                                                               

Step 5: Installing the Tongue and Groove Panels                                                                                                      

Over the insulated floor, install the Tongue and groove paneling boards. Using the hammer, nail the initial tongue and groove wall board’s ring to the stud’s bottom i.e., tongue upward and groove downward along the horizontal direction. These boards will prevent the moisture from slowly passing through the insulation below the floor and also makes the floor surface to be solid and firm.

Step 6: Installing the Wall Boards

    Install the wall boards in form of layers, fit the grooves over tongues and move them upward of the wall till one reaches the outlet area of stove that needs to be installed. While cutting the board, leave an opening for the outlet of the electrical wiring.

    Step 7: Electrical Wiring                                                                                                          

    Next you need to nail the tongue and groove paneling boards to the ceiling till it is completely covered. Use the opening for electrical outlet in the board and make the necessary electrical wiring. Install an appropriate light fixture for the waterproof sauna room.

    Step 8: Making the Sauna Bench

    You can build the sauna bench with the available wooden frames. It is recommended to provide additional support for the benches and make them withstand heavy weight to improve their durability.

    Step 9: Installing the Sauna Stove

    Place the sauna stove not less than 4 feet from the bench to achieve optimum effects. Keep the heat temperature as per your requirements.

    Step 10: Installing the Door                                                                                                                        

    Finally install the pre-made door for your sauna room. The door may consist of windows attached with glass to permit light as per one’s desire.