How to Install a Sauna Window

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What You'll Need
Window with framing
Drill with screw bit
Finish nails
1-by-4-inch boards
Construction adhesive
Primer (if needed)
Paint (if needed)

The addition of a sauna window can reduce that closed-in feeling of a small space. Choosing the right window and installing it takes some basic tools and an afternoon. But after you install a sauna window, you can experience the light it brings into the sauna for years to come.

Step 1 - Choose the Sauna Window

When choosing a window for your sauna, be sure to get tempered glass as it will hold up better to the heat. Also opt for a single-glazed window. A double-paned window may fog up between the glass. For ease of installation, choose a window that comes with the framing. Check with the window retailer or manufacturer to find a window that will hold up well to the heat and humidity given off by the sauna.

Step 2 - Make the Opening

Decide where you want to position the sauna window. It is best to place it between studs so you can use the studs as support. Also consider where the window is in relationship to the seats. Do you want a view or just additional light? Is it in a location where someone might lean against the hot glass while using the sauna? Mark the dimensions, including the framing. Cut out the hole carefully with a saw and sand the edges.

Step 3 - Frame the Window

Any window needs support to keep the window in place. Normally the framing is a top and bottom plate with studs on the side. There may also be jacks under the bottom plate. If you need additional support, install blocks between the studs. If you purchase a window with the framing included, it will greatly simplify the installation.

Step 4 - Install the Sauna Window

With a helper, set the window into the framing. Have the helper hold it in while you secure it. Use a level to make sure the window is plumb and level. Drill pilot holes for the screws to reduce any split wood. Secure the window framing to the studs and the block from the inside. Test the window to be sure it operates properly.

Step 5 - Trim the Outside

On the outside flange of the window, screw or nail the fasteners in. Measure the dimension for the window trim. Be sure to get trim wide enough to cover the flange and extend past the hole in the wall. Then cut the 1x4-inch boards to fit the window opening. Dry-fit the trim and apply some construction adhesive to the back of the trim. Tack the trim up with finishing nails. Caulk the joints. If it is to be left unfinished, as most saunas are, use a wood-colored caulk. If you decide to paint it, prime the trim boards and paint them.