How to Install a Screen Door Closer

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 45-70
What You'll Need
New screen door closer
Something heavy
Measuring tape
Digital camera

A screen door closer is an important part of your screen and storm door assembly. Without a properly working screen door closer, the door will just slam shut. With a working screen door closer the door will slowly close and then latch. When the door closer fails and the door slams shut you run the risk of breaking the frame of the screen door which will require the purchase of a whole new door. This can be much more expensive than buying a brand new screen door closer and installing it yourself. The article that follows will walk you through on how to remove the screen door close and replace it with a new one.

Get the Right Door Closer

Pull the screen door completely open and then prop it in this position with something heavy so that it will not close. The door needs to remain wide open in order for you to be able to work on it. The door closer may still be able to be held open if it has a washer attached to the metal post inside the pneumatic arm. Slide the washer all the way over to the left side of the door. It asks as a brace against the pneumatics from closing. With the door open take a picture of the door closer making note of the screw placement. Use the measuring tape and take down the total length of the closer from each attached point. Take this information to the hardware store of your choice and purchase the correct door closer.

Remove the Door Closer

Prop the screen door open again or latch it open if you can. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws at each end of the door closer. There will be a set located on the door and another set located on the door jamb. Make sure that the door is secure as you remove the screws or the pins. Once they are removed the door can easily slam shut. After you have removed the screen door closer you can discard it.

Install the New Screen Door Closer

It's much easier to install the screen door closer by starting on the door jamb. Line the new door closer up with the holes on the door jamb and install the screws that came with it. Do not tighten any of the screws at this time. Hold the other end of the door closer up to the opened door and extend the metal from the cylinder. Attach the screws into this end and the door. You may need to let the door go in order to properly line up the screw holes with the closer. If that is the case then carefully move the object holding it open. Once the holes are lined up you can begin tightening each screw. Tighten one screw on each side alternating sides until all of the screws are tightened snugly.