How to Install a Sectional Garage Door

What You'll Need
(2) 1/2 -inch diameter rods

A sectional garage door is a fairly simple installation as most of the components you are going to be using are already in place. This is a simple replacement job where you are removing the old door and installing the new one. Usually the door comes in a kit that requires assembly as well as installation. Some of the kits have fancy panels that require certain placement and others come with windows. Regardless of the accessories you choose, the exterior of your home will be enhanced by a new sectional garage door.

Step 1: Measure Existing Door

Prior to purchasing your replacement sectional garage door you need to accurately measure the existing door. To obtain accurate measurements, you need to take the inside measurement from door frame to door frame and from the top of the opening to the floor.

Step 2: Remove Old Door

Once the replacement sectional garage door arrives you need to remove the old door. First you need to release the springs. This is done by inserting the ½-inch rods through the holes in the Torsion spring cone on top. Make sure you use safety goggles for this part of the operation. Undo the set screws and loosen the spring just a quarter turn each time. Once the springs are released you can remove the door and take off the tracks.

Step 3: Assemble The New Door

Once the old door is removed, you need to attach the weather stripping. This goes at the bottom of the bottom panel. Then you attach the bottom bracket. Now you need to start attaching the lift cable. The door panels contain studs on each side to which the cable gets attached. Place the bottom panel in position and make sure it is level with the level. Secure it in place with the help of a couple of nails angled to hold it without nailing it to the frame. Line up the second panel and secure it in a similar way and then lock it into position with the relevant hinges. Attach the third panel with a truss to give it support. Do the same to the remainder of the panels until complete. At this stage you will install the rollers into the hinges. Add the additional hinges to the center of each panel and then place the locking mechanism in position.

Step 4: Tracks

At this stage you need to attach the brackets to the tracks. You will position the outer edge of the upright track over the relevant rollers and place the track on top of the rollers.

The track brackets now need to be secured. Nail them in position and drill some pilot holes before screwing them in position. The tracks now need to be attached to the ceiling joists with braces of angle iron. Using nuts and bolts attach the track in position.

Step 5:  Replace the Torsion Spring

Reverse the steps you took earlier to release the spring to reattach it.

Replacing a garage door takes time but in the end it is worth the effort to see your new sectional garage door in place and working.