How to Install a Shower Arm Mount

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What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
Mineral spirit
Hand shower kit
Plumbers tape
Plumbers strap

A shower arm mount holds the shower arm securely in place; however, there is a certain amount of clearance that is needed to have the shower at just the right level. The height of the arm mount depends on the model of shower arm. Never pick a shower arm based solely on appearance. It is a common mistake to choose a shower arm and head that looks great only to end up with a shower that reaches only up to the chest. Follow these steps to install a shower arm mount.

Step 1 - Taking Out the Installed Showerhead

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the original showerhead. To clean the threads completely, apply mineral spirits and a rag. Doing so will also remove every trace of the thread compound and plumber's tape.

Step 2 - Preparing the Shower Stem

If the hand shower kit that you purchased comes with a rubber boot for decoration, slide it on the shower stem. Wrap several layers of plumber's tape on the shower stem threads.

Step 3 - Installing the Shower Arm Mount

The shower arm mount should be installed on the shower stem by screwing it until it is secure. Tighten the installation with an adjustable wrench, but take care not to over tighten. Doing so can damage the fixture. Twist the shower arm mount so that the hose threads face the bathroom floor.

Step 4 - Installing the Shower Hose

Position the washer over the shower hose tip. Connect the shower hose with the shower arm mount by screwing it on and tightening by hand. Ensure that you screw the threads correctly so as not to cross them. Slide the decorative rubber boot on the shower arm mount.

Step 5 - Connecting the Shower Hose to the Showerhead

Make sure that the washer is properly placed. Screw the showerhead on the shower hose and tighten the connection by hand. Ensure that you do not cross the threads as you tighten the connection. Next put the showerhead on the shower arm mount. Turn on the water supply slowly to test your installation. If it is functioning properly, your hand shower is ready to be used.