How to Install a Shower Window

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
Shower window set
2x4-inch lumber
Safety glasses
Tape measure
Silicone caulk
Miter saw

Installing a shower window is an economical way of providing natural lighting and ventilation inside a shower. Although some homeowners frown upon the idea of having a window in the shower, there are advantages to installing them. When remodeling a shower, it is a good idea to provide for a window that will allow the sunshine penetrate and allow air to circulate.

Among the biggest problems in a shower is that the moisture can cause mold to grow anywhere. Installing a shower window is easy when there is a window frame already built inside the shower. When the shower does not have a window frame, then the homeowner should provide for one. Read on for more information.

Step 1 - Determine Where to Install the Window

Shower windows should be installed near the ceiling. If there is no opening created, have a mason or a professional cut the opening before installing the windows. Plan the size of the window. Choose a window design that will match the interior décor of the shower. Before planning the dimensions of the window opening, determine the size of the window.

Step 2 - Building the Frame

Build a window frame from 2x4-inch lumber. Determine the height and width of the window opening first and transfer them to the wooden pieces. Mark the length of the wooden boards using a pencil and square. To make the window frame, cut 2 pieces of wood to equal lengths.

Determine the length of the header and sill, then cut them accordingly. After the pieces of wood are prepared, use a miter saw to cut the corners. Make sure that the pieces fit properly. Nail the wooden boards to create the frame.

Step 3 - Installing the Frame

Fit the frame into the opening and drill holes for the mounting hardware. Secure the frame to the opening by tightening the screws. Then caulk the sides of the frame for sealing. Ensure that all the sides of the frame are sealed properly before installing the window.

Step 4 - Mounting the Window

Insert the new shower window into the frame. Position it using a level. When the window is in position, drill the screws to the window frame. Caulk the sides of the windows to the frame to ensure that it is tightly sealed. If the window set comes with a trim, install the trim as well. If the window slides open, check that the slide mechanism works fine.

Step 5 - Paint

Prep the window for painting by sanding the frame, sill, the trim. Prime and paint with any color desired. Allow the paint to dry.