How to Install a Shrub Sprinkler System

What You'll Need
Pipe fittings
Sprinkler heads
Emery paper
PVC solvent
Anti-siphon valves
Pencil, felt tip pen
100' measuring tape
PVC pipe
Pocket knife
PVC cleaner
Stop-and-waste valve
Control valves
Graph paper
Steep tape measure

Shrub sprinkler system is easy to install into the ground if you want an underground sprinkler system which is not only convenient and useful to keep your yard watered and fresh, but it is immensely helpful for the usage of water in efficient terms. In this brief little note, you will be given a set of instructions to follow in order to install your very own shrub sprinkler system so that you can use water for your lawn at all times. A list of tools that will be required for you to install the shrub sprinkler system has been mentioned as well. It may seem like a complicated set of steps to follow since pipes and bolts are involved but trust our words: this do-it-yourself guide has the easiest instructions to follow. Simply read through and follow the guidelines carefully. You will have your shrub sprinkler system installed in no time.

Step 1 – Build a Manifold

The very first step of installing a shrub sprinkler system is to build a manifold that is a group of control valves that are connected at a length of a PVC pipe with three to 6 feet distance between them. The water enters the manifold and routes its way through the control valves to the main circuit with the help of the controller. You have to dig a V-shaped trench that is eight inches deep for the pipe you are using. They should be straight and leveled. Then connect a galvanized pipe to the hose and the turn the water at full force to push away all soil. Cal the PVC pipe with duct tape and route it through a hole.

Step 2 – Tap Water Supply

You need to tap into the water supply line by installing a tee in a location of your choice. You have to install a stop and waste valve as emergency shutoff for the entire system in case of emergencies. Then install anti-siphon valves on to the control valves and stop the dirty water from entering your supply lines. Place the pipe in the trenches and make connections. Once the pipes are placed together and connections are secured, you need to install the risers. Make sure to cut them carefully so that the sprinklers are a leveled height.

Step 3 – Mount the Controller

Mount the controller and run the low voltage wires for each circuits and then simply test the system by opening and closing each circuit. In order to raise the trench, add some soil to the trenches. This will raise the height of the trenches.

Step 4 – Tighten Bolts

After measuring the length of the pipes, the trenches, the place and location of all pipes, you need to tighten all the bolts and screws so that leakage does not happen again. After that, you need to clean the dirt off of the pipes.