How to Install a Sink Cabinet Base

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Sink cabinet base

A sink base cabinet is normally installed below the sinks in bathrooms or kitchens. They make use of the empty space and you can store a variety of things, such as corrosive liquids, cleaning equipment, pots, and pans. You can install a sink cabinet base with drawers or simply a base and doors. In the market ready to install cabinets are available. They are easy to install and come in standard sizes unless you are installing made to order size. If you have a little carpentry and plumbing experience, you can do it by following these steps.

Step 1 - Preparing the Space

Clear the space around which you will be working. The pipes may run through the walls or directly below the sink. Measure the width at the base. According to the position of the drain pipes and the width of the base procure a sink cabinet. Units with pipes running directly below the sink will already have a hole in the base of the sink cabinet. If you want to paint the cabinets, do so before installing them.

Step 2 - Preparing to Install

Shut of the water supply and remove the old sink and plumbing. Use a pencil to mark the center on the base of the sink cabinet. If the pipes are in the wall, then mark the area that has the pipes because drilling a hole through the pipe can cause damage. Assemble drawers if you are planning to add them.

Step 3 - Attaching the Base

The base should already have a hole in case the pipes run through the middle. If not, then cut a hole in the middle. Do so after carefully measuring the size and position of the drain pipes. The back of the sink does not need anything as the wall is already in place.

If you need to attach the back, do so now. Be careful not to drill though the pipes at the back. Use the markings for guidance. Adjust the base using the pencil mark to center the base. Use the level to make sure that the base is perfectly flat and level. Secure the base of the cabinet and the sides on the ground and at the back.

Step 4 - Installing the Doors

You can now install the drawers. Attach the handles to the cabinets by drilling holes at the appropriate spots. You can buy fancy handles for your cabinet to improve the style of the cabinet. Some cabinets will have holes already in place for the handles.

Step 5 - Finishing

Test the cabinet doors to make sure that they work. Attach the counter top and reattach the plumbing and turn on the water supply. Clean the area.