How to Install a Sliding Garage Door

What You'll Need
Sliding garage door
Drill bits
Measuring tape
Wood glue

A sliding garage door is similar to barn doors, as they don't open by lifting them, but instead slide open. There are several styles of these doors from automatic to manual function as well as design various elements. The article that follows will show you how to install a manual sliding garage door.

Step 1 – Line up the Track

A sliding garage door uses a track and wheel system much like a sliding glass door. Using the tracks that the doors slide on is the best way that you have to lining up the doors and pilot holes. Place the top track on the ceiling of the garage across the opening. The sliding garage door system you purchased will have instructions that will go into great detail on your specific needs. Use the level to make sure it is straight. If you have a system with more than 2 doors, then follow the instructions for placement of the other tracks. Repeat the same process for the bottom sliding garage door track.

Step 2 - Pilot Holes

With the track is level, use the holes in the track as a guide and mark them with a pencil. Remove the track and then drill the pilot holes where you marked them. Use a measuring tape to make sure the top track and the bottom track line up correctly. Once they are lined up with each other, mark the pilot holes for the bottom track. Remove the bottom track and make the pilot holes. If you are dealing with concrete floors, then create pilot holes with a masonry bit. Install concrete anchors by tapping them into the pilot holes.

Step 3 – Mount the Tracks

Once you have all of the pilot holes drilled, you can begin to mount the tracks. Use either bolts or wood screws that are at least two inches long. They need to be galvanized steel and heavy-duty. Sometimes, the hardware that came with the track is not the best, so use good judgment on whether or not to use it. Prior to installing the screws or bolts, place a few droplets of wood glue over the holes. When you insert the screws, they will tunnel through the glue, distributing it through the channel. This creates a stronger bond. Repeat the process for the bottom track. If installing in concrete, then don't use any adhesive.

Step 4 – Vertical Frame

Some sliding garage doors systems will have vertical tracks that frame the sides of the opening. These are installed in the same manner as the top and bottom tracks.

Step 5 – Install the Sliding Garage Door

These tracks are typically made for two doors which slide behind each other when they are opened. Lift the first door and put it on the track followed by the second door on the empty track. This require assistance as the doors are heavy and awkward.