How to Install a Sliding Window Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Support Bracket
Wood Screws
Waterproof sealant
Weather stripping Foam
Air conditioner

The sliding window air conditioner is suited for personal use in a studio apartment. These air conditioners also consume less energy than other models. They are also the best option to cool a small area or a small house with 1 or 2 rooms. You can install an individual air conditioner in different rooms so that you can set the temperature according to your preference. Many people think that installing an air conditioner requires a high level of expertise, but it is actually very easy to install an air conditioner in a sliding window.


Window air conditioners are heavy, so you need to ensure that you lift it in the right manner without putting too much strain on any body part, which may injure you. Consider the size of the window before buying the air conditioner. With the right size, the gaps between the window and the air conditioner will be reduced, trapping the cold air in the room. This will ensure proper cooling of the room in the most effective way.

Step 1 - Decide the Window

First, decide the window on which you will use the air conditioner. You should choose a window that has an electrical outlet nearby so that the air conditioner can be easily plugged in. Ensure that there is no furniture close to the window that might obstruct the air flow.

Step 2 – Ensure Stability

You should inspect the window sill to ensure that it will be a stable base to hold the air conditioner. If it is rotten or cracked, replace it before the air conditioner is installed.

Step 3 - Install Brackets

Install the metal support brackets that come with the air conditioner at a level where they are straight. The mounting brackets that come with the air conditioner have a screw at the center. You can adjust the screw to level the brackets.

Step 4 - Lift the Air Conditioner

Lift the air conditioner to slide the unit in the support brackets.

Step 5 - Pull Window Down

Mark the point where the air conditioner hits the window. Raise the window again, and then attach a strip of weather stripping foam along the marked line. Pull the side extensions if there if there are gaps between the window frame and the sides of the unit. If necessary, attach the side extensions to the wall using wood screws.

Step 6 – Apply Caulk

Apply caulk to the point where the window frame meets the air conditioner so that the edges can be sealed. This will ensure that no cool air escapes from the sides.