How to install a Solid Pool Safety Cover

What You'll Need
Metal eye hooks
Pool safety cover
Pool safety cover security rope
Small jackhammer
Safety glasses

A solid pool safety cover is a necessity for those individuals who have either an indoor or outdoor in ground pool. This is especially important for those individuals who have small children or pets that they may be worried could stray into the pool and be injured or killed as a result. Installing a solid pool safety cover should be automatically done or insisted upon when the pool was built. If you live in a home that already has a built in pool, then you should take the time to install the pool safety cover.

Installing a pool safety cover requires the installation of hooks along the perimeter of the pool in order to secure the safety ties that hold the cover in place. These hooks will need to be placed in the ground and cemented into place so that they do not move. These will anchor your cover so it can protect your family.

Step 1: Purchase Materials

Purchase metal eye hooks and cement from a home improvement or hardware store. The eye hooks need to be installed around the pool in order to provide you with a place to run the rope through when the cover is placed over the pool. Rent a small jackhammer or cement drill for making the holes that will be needed to put the hooks into the ground.

Step 2: Prepare the Pool Perimeter

Remove all obstructions and materials that are surrounding the pool to make a space to work in. You will need to wear safety goggles, earplugs and gloves in order to protect yourself while working with the small jackhammer.

Step 3: Make Holes

Using the small jackhammer, pound holes into the concrete surrounding the perimeter of the pool. The spacing of the hooks should be between 1 to 1-1/2 inches apart (be sure to purchase enough hooks to go around the entire pool). Make small holes, working carefully so as not to break up the concrete so it affects the pool's foundation or causes it to crack.

Step 4: Insert Hooks

Once the holes have been made, take the metal eye hooks and place them into the ground. There should be some space that allows you to pour concrete into the holes in order to secure the hooks further. The concrete should be a redi-mixture that only requires you to pour in water in order to set the hooks in place. Do this for each of the hooks that you have set into the ground for the pool safety cover.

Step 5: Set the Pool Safety Cover in Place

Place the pool safety cover in position over the pool. The safety cover is typically a solid tarp that covers the entire pool from end to end. With the pool cover set in place, run a safety rope back and forth across the pool, threading the ends of the hooks. You have now installed your pool safety cover.