How to Install a Steam Generator

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What You'll Need
Water outlet
Power outlet
Shower doors

A steam generator can make any shower an entertaining experience. A steam generator shower can make it seem like you have your very own steam room in the comfort of your own home. What's more, steam generators are actually very easy to install.

With nothing more than a few tools and a bit of technical knowledge, you won't have a problem installing a steam generator shower very easily. This project will take you no longer than a few hours to complete.

Step 1 - Choosing a Steam Shower Kit

Buy a steam shower kit. It will have a steam generator and control kit, which makes it possible to control the different settings and temperatures. They can be purchased fairly easily. There are different powers levels that work differently and provide differ amounts of steam.

Step 2 - Finding Space for the Steam Generator

You now need to find somewhere to locate the steam generator. There are many different places where you can store the generators in your bathroom, you will however need a power supply which normally makes the cupboard under the vanity the best option. There also needs to be a water source available to create the steam. If you don't already have a power outlet available then you can get one fitted by a qualified electrician.

Steam generators are generally quite small and can be placed inside the vanity cabinet. Ensure that there are all the necessary connections available to connect your steam generator.

Step 3 - Connecting to the Shower

Connect the shower to the steam generator. Connect both the control unit and the steam valve. You may need to drill holes in the wall between the vanity and the shower. If your connecting this from further away then you will need to remove the tiles which then need to be repaired again. The control panel will need to be fitted inside the shower so that it's very easy to control the amount of steam which is generated and the temperature.

Step 4 - Enclosing the Shower

For the steam shower to work properly, ensure that the whole shower cubicle is fully enclosed. It's vital that there aren't any gaps between where the doors meet the floor and the ceiling. Doing so will ensure that the steam can't escape and will generally need to be custom made to fit your bathroom. They normally cost $1000 from a glass or mirror supplier.