How to Install a Stone Veneer Wall

What You'll Need
Damp Rags
Thin Set Mix
Mortar Mix
Putty Knife
Premixed Grout
Grout Bag
Table Saw
Sand Blaster

When you want to install a veneer wall in your house, you want to make sure you install it the right way so you do not have to go back later to fix it. Installing a veneer wall on your own is a moderately difficult task, but one that can be done without hiring a professional. You will need some basic tools, directions, and patience. Enlisting the help of a friend is also useful. The finished stone veneer wall is something you can be proud to display, and may even increase the value of your home.

Step 1: Starting the Process

Make sure you have all the tools and materials you need right in front of you before you begin so you are not running back and forth, and if you need a tool right away you do not have to leave the area to get it. You are going to want to begin by mixing what needs to be mixed, and making sure the mixtures are by you during the process. Sand blast the block wall if there is paint or a treatment over it. The paint and extras have to be completely removed from the wall before going any further.

Step 2: Middle of the Process

If you add two cups of your thin set to your mortar mix it will be easier to work on the surface. Mist the wall with some water; this will help to keep the mix damp. You will want to spread a thin coat of mortar mix over the wall. This is to fill in the grout lines within the wall. Make sure not to smooth it over, you will want to use a leaf rake over it if it seems to smooth. This should dry within two hours. Mist the wall lightly once again, and spread some on the back of each of the veneers as you add them one by one to the wall using the mortar and thin set mixture. Starting from the bottom of the wall, you will want to press the veneer against the wall and give it a little wiggle so it fits firmly into place on the wall. There should be excess on the sides of the veneer, wipe this with the damp cloth.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Cut the veneers that need to fit in odd places as you work going up the wall. Keep the veneers snugly into place. Use your putty knife to make the grout lines clean of the excess mortar when they are pressed firmly up the wall. You are able to add sand if your mortar mix is too thin, and you can add water to the mix if it is too thick. Use the putty knife throughout the process to keep the grout smooth throughout the walls.