How to Install a Swimming Pool Drain

What You'll Need
PVC pipes
PVC fittings
Anti vortex drain cover
Pool plaster

A swimming pool drain is located at the deepest point of the pool. The drain is an outlet that draws water from the pool, which then passes through a filter before it flows back into the pool through several inlets. Installing a swimming pool drain may be quite challenging but guided by a set of simple instructions you can do it successfully.

Step 1 - Dig the Drain

At the deepest point of your swimming pool area, dig a deep hole leading to the filter system. The hole should take in half a bag of concrete and still be the lowest point of your swimming pool so that the entire pool surface slants towards it. At the same time, pouring enough concrete into the drain will ensure that it does not shift direction.

Step 2 - Lay the Pipes

Take the PVC drain pipe and lay it along the length of the drain. Attach a PVC coupling at the end that will connect to the filter system pipe. Cover the coupling with a gasket and attach the drain pipe to the filter pipe firmly to make a tight connection.

Step 3 - Fill the Drain Hole

Mix half a bag of concrete and pour it into the drain hole to cover the PVC pipe. Fill the concrete up to 1 inch below the pool surface and leave it to dry overnight.

Step 4 - Attach the Drain Ring

Mix the pool plaster and cover the remaining height of the drain hole up to the pool surface. Smooth it even using the trowel. Ensure that no concrete or plaster gets inside the PVC drain pipe and thereby blocking it. While the plaster is still wet, attach the drain ring over the pipe and ensure that it sits firmly.

Step 5 - Install the Drain Cover

A swimming pool drain cover is an important part of the pool drain as it prevents pool drain dangers. The suction power of the pool pump through the drain poses the risk of dangerous pool accidents and drowning. Anti vortex drain covers are the best. They help in distributing the intake of water around the cover and in reducing pressure at any single point on the cover. The covers are also in the shape of a dome to prevent a person from blocking the entire drain cover on their back, stomach or even when sitting on it.

Most drain covers come with an elbow joint, which easily attaches the cover to the drain ring and pipe. For a cover without an elbow, get an elbow joint with the appropriate angle and attach it to the drain and onto the drain cover. Install your drain cover immediately after attaching the drain ring.