How to Install a Truck Canopy

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  • Beginner
What You'll Need
Truck canopy
Extra pair of hands
Socket set
Wire strippers
Wire connectors

A truck canopy is an easy addition to any truck and it not only makes it more practical but it also makes it look much better. A truck cap is a special type of truck canopy which will turn the space at the back of your pickup into usable space.

When you are fitting truck canopies it is important to spend time making sure that you choose the right one for your truck. Although many of these are designed to fit multiple trucks it's important to ensure that it will fit your truck properly. If your truck canopy has lights fitted then this will involve drilling into your trucks body and doing some basic wiring.

Step 1 - Preparation

Put a blanket onto the ground so that you have a soft surface to put the truck canopy without scratching or damaging it. Position the truck canopy so that it is lying on its roof and fully protected. You might need an extra pair of hands to help you turn the canopy over.

Step 2 - Adhesive

Adhesive weatherproofing now needs to be applied all the way around the body of your truck. Spend time carefully sticking this down so that there aren't any bubbles or weak areas of weatherproofing. When joining the weatherproofing you should keep it as close together as possible to prevent the danger of leaks.

Once you have applied the adhesive weatherproofing you should then open the tailgate of your pickup so that you can finish installing the rest of the canopy.

Step 3 - Putting the Canopy on

Ask your willing assistant to help turn your truck canopy back over so that it can be placed on the truck the right way up.

Make sure that the truck canopy fits properly on the top of your truck. If it doesn't fit properly then it probably won't be watertight.

Step 4 - Clamping the Canopy

Get inside the back of the pickup truck and look at the joint between the pickup truck and the canopy. Use the hardware clamps which came with the canopy to secure the canopy down to the truck. This should push into the weatherproofing to ensure that there's a good bond.

Step 5 - Checking the Canopy

Close the back of your truck to ensure that everything still lines up properly. If there are any problems with anything lining up then this will require some adjustments. When canopy is aligned properly then there really shouldn't be any issue and everything should shut properly.

Step 6 - Tightening the Clamps

The clamps should then be tightened up evenly so that all four clamps are securely holding the canopy in place and that they won't move.

Step 7 - Wiring the Lights

If your truck canopy has lights fitted in it then you should use the drill to drill a small hole through the body of the truck. Thread the wires through and connect them up to the light wires.