How to Install a Truck Toolbox Canopy

What You'll Need
Socket rubber and 3/8-inch ratchet
Pad protectors
Drill bit set
Changeable speed drill motor
Metal tool box
Safety glasses

Truck owners should have a toolbox to secure your belongings and tools in your truck’s bed. Although open truck beds provide a suitable hauling alternative, they also require security when it comes to pricey equipment or tools that may be compromised inside the open elements. Moving the tools from the bed towards the cab while parking your truck can be wearisome. That is why it is helpful to install a toolbox canopy to secure your equipment inside.

Step 1 – Select a Location

Position the toolbox within the site where you prefer to secure it. Take note that the toolbox canopy and how it opens once you use it will not interfere in any way with your front bed rail or rear window. If you do not own a bed liner that covers the truck’s bed rails, you can consider using several rubber pads amid the bed rail and toolbox to safeguard the paint of your bed rail.

Step 2 – Install the Truck Toolbox

Next, you need to do away with the hardware inside your toolbox. Turn the truck toolbox upside down along with its canopy, so that the lid will be positioned on the ground.

You need to put in the rubber plugs in the pre-drilled toolbox holes. Lay the gasket and your toolbox in the recessed partition on the toolbox on both sides, then cut back the gasket to length using the pair of scissors. Then strip the backing paper from the gasket and press the gasket tightly against the toolbox.

Put the toolbox canopy in your truck bed, then alter the toolbox in the place you want it to be installed.

Unfasten the canopy of the toolbox. Once you notice the holes at the bottom of the toolbox, you need to choose the drill bit which matches the size of the hole recommended by your toolbox manufacturer. For safety purposes, always wear your safety glasses, particularly if dealing with drill bits. Make a hole through the toolbox bottom, as well as on its canopy. Remember that you should never drill along the rail of the truck’s bed.

Next, slide the lock-washer, flat washer and then the hex nut against the threaded s