How to Install a Vinyl Baseboard

As an alternative to wood, a vinyl baseboard is easily installed and very durable. Installing the baseboard again is also simple, and cleaning is a matter of wiping it down with some cleaning product. While wood may be scratched, dinged or splintered, vinyl withstands all types of wear and tear. To install your vinyl baseboard, follow these quick steps.

Installing a Vinyl Baseboard

Make sure you clean up the floor around the baseboard and wipe down the wall to remove any dust, dirt or other debris. Vinyl baseboard comes in rolls. On the backside is a paper backing that pulls off and exposes an adhesive side for easy application. Measure the length of the wall to apply the vinyl baseboard, and cut the vinyl with a utility knife an inch or so bigger. Pull a bit of the paper off on one end and carefully stick it to the wall starting in one corner.

Continue to unroll the vinyl baseboard while simultaneously pulling the paper off and sticking it to the wall. Keep the baseboard level as you install it. When you reach the far corner, adhere it to the wall up to the adjacent wall. Run your utility knife vertically down the baseboard, holding the blade at a 45° angle to the corner. Sever the vinyl and move on the next wall.