How to Install a Vinyl Picket Fence

What You'll Need
Decorative fence post caps
Posthole digger or power auger
Vinyl fence posts
Vinyl fence sections
Tape measure
PVC glue
Market pen

To add a touch of artistic allure to the overall look of a home, homeowners opt to install a vinyl picket fence on their property. The choice to use vinyl against the use of wood offers practicality for its long term effect despite its higher price because repainting and maintenance is very minimal which will compensate for the cost. Below are the materials need and the steps on how to install vinyl picket fence.


Step 1-Deciding Location of the Picket Fence

Determine how the vinyl picket will be laid out. Using a stake, hammer this to the spot to mark the position of the initial corner post. Then mark the second corner post by positioning another stake at the preferred spot. The corner posts installed should be connected with a string that should run corresponding to the end of the garden or driveway curb.


Step 2-Marking the Area for the Fence

From the first stake, calculate about 8 feet and mark the distance of the second stake ensuring that it is positioned opposite the string connection. This will be the mark where the middle portion of the picket fence will be situated. Keep doing this procedure until the entire area for the fencing is covered. Ensure that the alignment of the stakes using the string are maintained in a straight line.


Step 3-Digging the Posthole

Dig a hole with enough depth to contain about 1/3 of the post length using a posthole digger. Put about 6 inches of gravel into the hole for drainage purposes. Follow the instruction on the bag of concrete on its mixing procedure. This should be added to the posthole until filled.


Step 4-Putting Posts into Postholes

Position the fence post into the hole and lead it downwards until it reaches the concrete mix area, making sure that hollow spaces are filled. Be sure that the fence post is measured with the use of a level. Any adjustments on the position of the fence post should be done before the concrete mix dries up completely. Finish up the rest of the posts with the same procedure.


Step 5-Attaching the Fence Brackets

Hold a portion of the vinyl picket fence opposite the first two fence posts and make positioning adjustments upwards and downwards. When the fence is positioned to your liking, a marker pen should be used to mark the spot where the fence brackets should be fastened.


Step 6-Attaching the Picket fence

The fence brackets are ready to be attached to the posts with the use of a drill and a screwdriver. The picket fence can now be attached to the insides of the brackets. Fasten another screw to secure it well. Perform this procedure until the entire section has been connected firmly to the fence posts. Attach embellished caps to the post tops using PVC glue.