How to Install a Vinyl Sheet to Your Countertop

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  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-200
What You'll Need
Vinyl sheeting
Utility knife
Straight edge
Tape measure
Rubber roller
Vinyl adhesive
Paint brush
Cleaning supplies
Skin and eye protection

One of the ways that homeowners choose to cover their countertops is with a vinyl sheet material. This vinyl sheet is really a vinyl laminate that is attached to the surface of the counter with some adhesive. These vinyl sheets are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Installing the vinyl sheet to a countertop is something that can be done by any do it yourself homeowner.

Step 1 - Gather Materials

Before starting any home improvement project it is a good idea to assemble all of the tools and materials that are necessary for the job. This will keep the project rolling along without a trip to the home improvement center.

Step 2 - Prepare Countertop

black countertop with checkered towel on top

One of the many benefits of installing a vinyl laminate on a countertop is that you can apply it over other counter coverings that are flat. If there is a laminate already on the counter, but you want to change it, then you can easily lay the vinyl sheet right over the top. However, tile countertops will need to be removed.

Step 3 - Cut to Right Size

Vinyl sheets are very simple pieces of thin laminate. They are very pliable and easy to work with. When the need to cut the sheets to fit a section of the countertop, a utility knife or a pair of scissors is all that is needed. You will want to use a straightedge also to make sure that the cut is straight.

Step 4 - Spread Adhesive on Countertop

Before the actual vinyl sheet is laid on the surface of the countertop you will need to apply the adhesive. Once the surface of the countertop is clean, you can brush on the adhesive with a paint brush. When you apply the adhesive you want to make sure it covers the entire surface of the countertop and it is evenly distributed.

Step 5 - Set Vinyl Sheet on Counter

black laminate countertop

With the adhesive on the countertop you need to set the vinyl sheet quickly. Start at one corner and lay down the vinyl along the length of the countertop. Wiggle it slightly in order for the adhesive to bond with the bottom of the sheet.

Step 6 - Roll Vinyl Sheet Flat

A rubber roller is very useful when applying any sort of vinyl sheet or laminate. This is what will lay the vinyl flat and get rid of any air bubbles. It also forces the adhesive to bond permanently to the bottom of the vinyl. Run the roller over the vinyl from the back to the front.

Step 7 - Trim Vinyl Sheet for Perfect Fit

It is better to lay a piece of vinyl sheet on the countertop that is a little wider, and longer, than what you actually need. Use a utility knife to trim up the edges for a professional look.