How to Install a Wall Mounted Bathroom Soap Dispenser

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-75
What You'll Need
Masking tape
Power drill
Tape measure
Rawl plugs
Spirit level
Grip fill
Spare screws
Soap dispenser kit

Installing a wall mounted soap dispenser is not only a great way to add a finishing touch to your bathroom, but it is also useful in helping you eliminate those annoying last slithers of soap. Follow these steps to install a wall mounted soap dispenser.

Step 1 - Location

Before purchasing a wall mounted soap dispenser, determine its location. Consider all the people who use it so that it can be easily reached by children and those with limited mobility. Think about the other items that you may store in that area, and whether the new fixture will fit. Ensure that it is not positioned in a location that would hinder your ability to refill the dispenser, such as directly beneath a windowsill. Measure the locations before purchasing a dispenser to ensure that the one you choose will fit into the desired position.

Step 2 - Mark the Position

Once you have decided where the soap dispenser will go, begin the job by marking its hanging position. Dismantle the fixture in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions so that you can access the back of the panel that will be attached to the wall. Using the spirit level to ensure that the dispenser is set straight, press the back panel to the wall. While the dispenser is in position, use a pencil to mark the points where screws attach the fixture.

Step 3 - Start Drilling

The wall mounted soap dispenser should include the screws required, so ensure that the drill bit you use is the appropriate size. If you are drilling into tile, stop the drill from skidding across the surface by using masking tape on the drill site. To prevent the risk of cracks in the tile, undertake this process by beginning at a slow speed and increasing steadily as the bit begins to break into the tile. Drilling into masonry will not require this preparation but rawl plugs should be used to keep the screws more stable.

Step 4 - Attach Backing

Press the back of the wall mounted soap dispenser to the wall and insert the screws to hold it in place. This step can be completed with either the screwdriver or the drill. If additional stability is required, fix the backing of the dispenser into place with masking tape or grip fill. Always use the prefabricated holes on the back of the dispenser and ensure that each screw is fastened tightly. The screws should protrude slightly so that the back of the soap dispenser unit can slide into place.

Step 5 - Assemble Dispenser

Once the backing is in place, reattach the remainder of the wall mounted soap dispenser by slotting it into position onto the protruding screws according to with the manufacturer’s instructions. The dispenser is now ready to be used.