How to Install a Wash Water Recycling System

What You'll Need
Wash water recycling unit
Replaceable polishing filters
Storage trailer
Socket wrench set
Power drill with 1/2 inch bit
1/2 inch bolts and nuts
Waterproof vacuum hose, 30 feet
Flow restrictor
Flat vacuum suction nozzle
Pressure washer unit
12 volt battery for the pressure washer
Water hose to refill the water recycling unit

You can protect the environment and save money with wash water recycling. A multi-filter system and water storage connects directly to your pressure washer. This enables you to recover most of the water you use for driveway and vehicle cleaning. The specially coated filters will remove oil and other particles down to 5 microns in size. Follow the tips below to install a wash water recycling system

Step 1: Obtain a Wash Water Recycling Unit Trailer

Obtain a steel trailer 60 inches long by 36 inches wide to hold the recycling unit. The trailer should be rated to hold a minimum of 250 pounds. Connect this trailer to the trailer that holds your pressure washer unit.

Step 2: Fasten the Wash Water Recycler to the Trailer

Set the wash water recycler on the trailer over the center axle. Line up the mounting holes with the inserts on the recycler's front and rear end. Insert the bolts and nuts through the mounting holes and tighten them. Drill holes in the trailer frame and the support frame for the water recycler, between the front and rear mounts. Insert 1/2-inch bolts and nuts and tighten them snugly with a socket wrench.

Step 3: Connect the Vacuum Hose to the Water Recovery Tank

Connect a 30-foot vacuum hose at the vacuum recovery nozzle to the water recovery tank in the water recycling unit. Each end of the vacuum hose will be connected to a 3/4 inch NPT hose fitting.

Step 4: Put the Flow Restrictor into the Recycling System

Install the flow restrictor in the inlet stream before the point where water reaches the recycler. The flow restrictor prevents damage to the filters. Ensure the triple arrow on the flow restrictor points toward the recycling tank and filter unit, so it controls water flow in the correct direction.

Step 5: Connect Water Discharge Outlet

Connect the water discharge outlet for the wash water recycling unit to the recycler's water tank so water will pass through the polishing filters. Run the electric cord for the water recycler through the 1-1/2 inch fitting near the discharge outlet. Connect the wash water recycler's power cord to the 12-volt battery on your pressure washer, or directly to your home's AC supply.

Step 6: Install the Water Filters

Set the foam filters in their framed chambers midway between the top and bottom of the wash water recycling unit. Place the skimmer filter in the second chamber atop the foam filter, nearest the discharge outlet end.

Step 7: Fill the Wash Water Recycler with Fresh Water

Fill the wash water recycler to the capacity line with fresh water.

Step 8: Safety Tips

Never drink the water filtered by the wash water recycler, or use it to water plants or lawns. Never empty the wash water recycler into your home's storm drain. Empty the wash water recycler before moving it anywhere. Clean the filters every 2 to 4 weeks.