How to Install a Washing Machine Standpipe

washing machine drain hose
What You'll Need
Reciprocating saw
Solvent glue
Utility knife

You may need to install a washing machine standpipe so that the washing machine will drain through the sink drain line. This process is generally simple and you should be able to complete it in an afternoon. Follow the easy steps below to effectively install a washing machine standpipe.

Step 1 - Cut into the Pipe

You first need to figure out the standpipe height and then cut into the drain pipe that is running out of the house. Carefully use your reciprocating saw to cut into the drain pipe. Make sure that the cut is big enough for the standpipe piece to fit into the pipe. Once you are done, use a utility knife to remove any rough edges on the pipe.

Step 2 - Insert the Standpipe

Insert the standpipe into the cut area on the drain pipe. To begin, slide it in dry to see if it fits. After you know it will fit, use your primer to clean the pipe. Then you can apply the solvent glue to the intersection of the pipes.

Step 3 - Allow to Dry

Hold the pipes tightly together for several seconds. Then allow the pieces to dry before using the drain.