How to Install a Water Well Jet Pump

Water pumps are devices that use mechanical energy to pump water out of the well and eliminates manual effort. A person may take lot of effort to remove water out of the well where as a water well pump can easily take large amount of water from the well. They are affordable, easy to repair and readily available at any hardware shop. It is easy to fill water from the well to the tank directly using the jet pump. When the well is very deep it is a tedious task for a person to remove water from the well. Here comes the need of a water well jet pump.

Things you'll need

PVC pipes
Connection wires
Jet pump

Step 1: Placing the Pump

If there is any sand materials in your well, it should be cleaned. See that the lift does not cross over 25 feet. If the pump is a convertible jet pump then the tapped holes in the ejector must measure 1 1/4 inches and one inch. Later fit the tapped holes to the well to place the pump.

Step 2: Making the Connections

If the pump is installed for a driven well, place a 1 1/4 horizontal line check valve. Connect the bottom suction pipe to the 1 1/4 foot valve. On top of the 1 1/4 suction pipe attach a sanitary well seal. Next, install a support rest and a 1 1/4 inch plug to help and support the suction pipe. An union is then established between the well and 1 inch pressure pipe to set it as the foundation for the ejector and pipes.

Step 3: Installing

Now a 1 1/4 inches pipe is attached to 1 1/4 tap which is in the pump housing. Next connect the 1 inch pipe to the 1 inch tap in the pump housing. The two Installations are assembled together with the union of the pump and the well. If it is a vertical pump installation of support legs will not be necessary.

Step 4: Testing

Ensure that the pump is turned off before testing. This is a precautionary measure in the step of installing. Check the wiring of all the connections and make wire connections to the pressure switch. Just before starting the pump, pour water into the pump's discharge. Now start the pump by maximizing the pressure in the regulator.

Step 4: Final Adjustments

When the pressure builds up, release the regulator slowly. Due to this water gets discharged and the water pressure decreases. Use the readings of the gauge and establish the pressure set point. Modify the back up of the regulator by about 5 lbs over the set point and fix a jam nut to establish this adjustment. Now use pipes to make connections from the outlet of the jet pump to the water tank. Note that the water pumps are subjected to leakage, and it should be patched if detected.

Now you have successfully installed the water jet pump to your well. You can now pump out enormous amount of water as and when required without having to spend time and energy to do it manually.