How to Install a Window Curtain Rail Part 2

What You'll Need
Floor covering
Safety Glasses
Brackets With Screws
Curtain Track With Roller Gliders

Installing a window curtain rail is one way to make a big impact in enhancing the look and appearance of a room. Curtains can give the window architecture a completely new look. Curtains can keep too much sun and glare out of the room while protecting your furniture and floors from the UV light that can cause harm. Curtains can also help with soundproofing and temperature control. After you have installed your furring strips and positioned your screws for the curtain rail brackets as instructed in Part 1, you can move onto Part 2 and finish the installation.

Step 1 – Position the Brackets

Spread a protective covering on the floor beneath your window to catch debris from the drywall. This will save you a lot of time during cleanup. Begin on the left side of the window, holding up one bracket to align with your screw hole positions you made in Part 1. Make sure the bracket is centered over the screw hole position, and use a pencil to mark the spot. Repeat on the right side of the window, as well as any supporting bracket positions as needed.

Step 2 – Fit the Brackets

Put on your safety glasses and make sure not to remove them until you are completely finished with all power tools. Using your drill, make holes where you marked with the pencil. Make sure that the drill bit you’re using is big enough for the bracket plug that will be going into the hole. Insert the plugs and use a hammer to make them flush with the wall. Screw the brackets into place on either side of the window, and any supporting brackets as needed. Make sure not to overtighten the brackets, but instead screw them until you meet a slight resistance.

Step 3 – Install the Curtain Track

Once your brackets are in place, you can install the curtain track. Make sure the curtain track is centered on all of your brackets. There will be holes on the bottom of the brackets into which the curtain track will fit in. Make sure your curtain track is secure by screwing through the track until you cannot see the screw.

Step 4 – Install Gliders

Most curtain tracks available at home improvement stores come with roller gliders that only require the stop end (also called the track end) to be removed. This allows the gliders to be easily inserted into the glider channel. Do not twist the end of the track, as this can jam the glider.

Step 5 – Hang Your Curtains

Once all the gliders are in place, you are ready to hang your curtains. If your window is too tall for you to stand and hang the curtains, use a secure and steady ladder as leverage.