How To Install A Wood Fence

Depending on your skill level, there are many different types of wooden fences you can build in your backyard, each of which provides the basic elements of privacy, containment and style. Choosing a fencing system that matches your carpentry level is the key to a successful project.

Determine Measurements and Type

Different types of fences pose different challenges in terms of installation You can buy wood and build a post-and-plank system to construct the fence  yourself. If you are less skilled as a carpenter, another option is to purchase pre-made panels that you simply attach to wooden posts. Regardless of which type of fencing you choose, you will need to measure the yard accurately to determine how much wood you will need.

Dig Holes for Posts

Once you have the wood you need to complete your wooden fence, you begin to dig the post holes. You can secure the posts with cement, but that is usually not necessary unless you have very soft ground. Measure the distance between the wood panels or planks you want to use and dig holes in those spots.

Install Posts and Fence

As you work along install each post. Once you have two posts in the ground, put up the first panel, or planks. This will help you keep the fence aligned while giving you an progressive sense of accomplishment.