How to Install a Wood Railing on Concrete Steps

concrete stairs with wooden railing
  • 6-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-800
What You'll Need
Metal post holder with 4-inch sleeves
Tape measure
Concrete drill bits
Wooden railing
Bolts and washers
Socket wrench
Concrete cleaning supplies
Wooden finish

If you have a concrete steps, installing a wood railing can add both safety and a touch of sophistication to your building’s design. More popular than iron railings that are prone to rust, wood railings are easy to install, remove, and repair. Even a home-improvement project beginner can complete this DIY in less than a day if they follow the few steps below.

Step 1 - Prepare the Concrete and Place Post Holders

Clean your concrete thoroughly before you attempt to lay down any railings for your stairs. Measure the concrete, and mark clearly where each post will be placed. Then, mark the position of each corner to line up where the drill bit will need to make a hole.

Place the post holders on the concrete, lining up each of the holders with the marks you have just made on the steps. Remember that each step will take the wooden rails a little farther down toward the ground. Don't allow the post-holders to dictate where the rails should go, but instead position them so the rails will be in perfect alignment.

Step 2 - Drill the Concrete

Next, use your drill with the proper concrete drill bit to make holes for each post hole. Make sure your bits are big enough to make holes that can take the bolts to keep the post holes on the steps.

Each post holder should need about two to four holes. Then, screw the post holders into position before moving on to the next step.

Step 3 - Fit the Post Holder

Use a socket wrench to screw on the post holders to the concrete steps. Place the bolt on top of the post-holder screw hole, and then put a washer between the holder and the bolt.

You may also want to add a second washer between the post holder and the concrete step. Make sure the post holders are completely secure, and are not prone to wobbling.

Step 4 - Attach the Wooden Railing

Finally, position the railing posts in the holders. Make sure the railings fit securely in the posts, and trim down the wood if necessary to get a secure fit.

Once the railing is secure, you can use a wooden finish to make the posts waterproof and protect them against mold and rot.