How to Install Adjustable Shelving

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Adjustable shelving kit
Screw (3 inch wallboard)
Tape measure

Even if you do not have as much space within your cabinet necessary to fit in a lot of differently sized objects, placing adjustable shelving within your cabinet will help you fit all those stuff. Most ready-made cabinets may have at least one of these options: fixed or adjustable shelving but more and more users prefer those with adjustable shelves because of its variable usage. For most cases, you can use a single cabinet first as a bench but its height can be adjusted later for other purpose. But what is perhaps more beautiful about adjustable shelving is that you need not reconstruct a whole cabinet just so you can fit in a number of different objects. You simply have to install an adjustable shelving and your space problem will be addressed.

Step 1 - Find the Spot where to Station Your Adjustable Shelving

Since you will have to insert the adjustable shelving inside the cabinet, you have find the spot where to insert it. Then can be done by locating two parallel studs using a stud finder. Mark the locations of each of the studs. The distance between the studs should be less than the total length of the adjustable shelving kit to be placed.

Step 2 - Installation of the Shelf Standard from the Shelving Kit

There should be two shelf standards enclosed in your adjustable shelving kit. Each of these will be installed on each of the studs earlier located. Get the first shelf standard and screw it in the wall using the 3 inch screw. Make use of the drill for easy installation. Position the first shelf standard to the most elevated height that you want the shelves to be fixed. Locate the bottom hole of the standard and drill in another 3 inch screw. Make sure that it is in level with the first screw installed with a use of the level.

Get the other shelf standard and position it on the other stud. Find the exact horizontal height of the second shelf standard and make sure that it is aligned to the height of the first standard. Again, use a level to do this. Once done, fix the second standard with a 3 inch screw in the wall using a drill. Level the vertically height of the second shelf standard with that of the first before you screw in the bottom hole of the second standard.

Step 3 - Insertion of Shelf Brackets

Once the 2 shelf standards are in place, you can now insert shelf brackets. Start inserting the first shelf bracket on top bracket holes of the shelf standards before placing a shelf on top of the bracket. Before proceeding to the next shelf, measure the length of the object that you plan to place inside the shelf. Adjust the total length of the brackets upon insertion such that it will be able to accommodate the objects that you want to insert. Continue adding shelf brackets and shelves until all the space in the shelf standards are filled.